About Me

What do you want to know?

I love books. It wouldn't hurt to say that again. I love books!

Books saved my life, many times over, and I believe reading, and being able to read, is one of the greatest gifts we have in our modern world. The printed word (whether paper or electronic) has the power to transform our thoughts, and that has the power to transform every other aspect of our lives.

When I was a chubby little girl, I was a bit of an outcast (chubby was the nice word, fat was the word I heard at school...), and books were my saving grace. Almost every weekend, my parents would take me to the library, usually with a box, to check out my weekly supply of books. I'd lay in my bed, long after bedtime, with a book hidden under the covers, and often a flashlight scavenged from the carport closet, and read until I couldn't see straight anymore. Escaping into the worlds of Florence Nightingale, Amelia Earhart, Joan of Arc, Betsy Ross, Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and countless others, were my way of not dwelling on the fact that I was so very unhappy in my own life. In short - books were my lifeline to hope.

They still are. 

So, it was natural that my career would go in that direction. I've taken a bit of a crooked career path, and made many detours along the way over these past 35+ years in the working world, but working with books and the written word has always drawn me back.

So, here I am, writing books, editing books, and helping other people to write their books. Or anything else the heart desires.

If you need help with a project, give me a call, or reach out via email. There is never a charge for the first conversation, and I always enjoy chatting with people about their dreams and plans. Every published book was always once a dream and a plan.

Why are you here?

You are welcome to keep coming back here to see if there is any new content. Since I don't plan to  blog on this site, that's not likely. If you'd like to chat about a project you're working on, or thinking of working on, reach out and maybe I can help. I do charge reasonable rates for my work, but not for the initial consultation or call. Non-profit organizations enjoy a significantly lower rate. I'm highly selective and don't take on very many projects, but I will answer all inquiries. 

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