Can I Help You?

I'm a writer, but I'm also a freelance editor, somewhat of a graphic 

designer, web designer/developer, and an occasional ghostwriter.  

No, I don't write about ghosts, at least not usually! 

If you need help on a spirituality writing project, contact me. I'm usually fairly
booked up with projects, but primarily am interested in the following:

  • Spirituality Articles (to include research and interviews)
  • Book manuscript editing
  • Historical fiction research
  • Nonfiction research (includes religion and theological topics)
  • Sources, citations, footnotes, and bibliographies
  • Ghostwriting (limited availability)

As mentioned above, the topics I'm primarily interested in are spirituality-related, but that often crosses over into topics of religion, psychology, paranormal, and supernatural, and I'm well-studied, well-read, and experienced in working in all of those arenas. 

Postscript and Caveat


All God's Creatures

Maybe the cat pictures gave me away. If not, I have to confess that much of my work is done in the presence of three somewhat elderly cats. They're highly intelligent, finicky, and accustomed to sprawling across books and work-spaces. Two of them were bottle-fed (by me), so are exceedingly spoiled and struggle with a variety of attachment disorders. The curiosity of the cat forever inspires me and leads to unexplored paths and outside-the-box thinking. Know that any project you entrust to me will benefit from that curiosity and will be handled with great love and care.